Sexy Couples Photo Session In Las Vegas

January 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Ah! Summertime in Las Vegas! You just can't beat the weather when it's nice and not scorching hot. This particular day in June was just perfect. 

I had originally planned to shoot this series at the base of the Colorado River in Nelson, Nevada where it's much more of an easy access and zero hike, but the water didn't look too appealing and if I wasn't willing to put myself in it, I surely wasn't going to have my couple roll around in there. So I had to do a little scrambling to find another area before they arrived. I hike down the cliff area a bit, searched around, and alas! I found this little gem hidden between the tall cliffs. Thankfully I had a friend assisting me that day so we managed to cart down all the gear without too much of a struggle. 

We all had an amazing time and we got some really beautiful photos out of it! Check it out!

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