My name is Marissa and I am a licensed and professional photographer, specializing in weddings and portraits, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Beyond the camera lens, who am I?

I love a good ribeye, I love snacking on chips, especially at night, I am a little embarrassed that I am a Redbull junkie, and if it was acceptable, I would stay in my pjs all day, like I am right now, Ha!

 If this sounds like we could be friends, keep reading.

I was born and raised on the Island of Kaua'i and I am the youngest of the three siblings and the only female. You feel me? My parents then and now have always been amazing at teaching us the value of balancing our lives, the importance of family, and being a good human to ourselves, others and the earth that allows us to call our home. They have shaped who I am today.

I now reside in Las Vegas and share a home with my boyfriend and our two furry loves Basil, aka my sweet "bear cub" Pomeranian and my Zazu boy, a beagle schnauzer whose eyes can melt a heart in seconds, no joke. They are my world or should I say my world revolves around them. 


How did I get here?

 Although it took a little longer than expected, my degree was accomplished through hard work and perseverance through in and online classes, on my own, all while working as a full time restaurant server. In 2014, I finished my AAS degree with a commercial photography honors, a very proud moment in my life. I've been in several publications, two my favorites are found in Shutter Magazine and Elléments Magazine.


Today, I continue to only put my best foot forward for each and every client I have the pleasure to work with whether it be small intimate elopements, a full days wedding, an engagement session or post wedding portraits. My goal is to keep a stress-free, relaxed environment, and to capture true emotion with a little posing advice. I love showing sneak peek to see your reaction. That is gold to me. You are my why I do this! My style- it's versatile, but I love a good fun, bold and vibrant photo.

You will always have the best of me, that is my promise to you, pinky swear!


Enough about me! I can't wait to hear from you!